Tax Sale Information

Each year, property for which the taxes are not paid is auctioned off at a public sale at the County courthouse in May. For more information about the Walker County Tax Sale, call the Revenue Commissioner's Office at (205) 384-7267. 

Deadline to Pay Taxes

Taxpayers will be able to pay online beginning October 2, 2017.

In Walker County, AL, taxes are delinquent after December 31st. Penalities and interest begin accruing on January 1. 

After February 15th payment of delinquent taxes must be paid by cash, certified check or money order.

Important Dates to Remember

October 1....Real and Personal Property Taxes Due

January 1...Taxes Delinquent with Penalty Added

Month of March...Delinquent Property newspaper advertisement published

First Monday in May.... Tax Sale

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